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This blog is about Dreams, Nightmares, and Visions.

(may be sensitive to some people)


Please feel free to comment about your own dreams and visions. I’d love to hear about them, and you!


Rattlesnake Bites


I just woke up from a dream where O, and I got bit by a rattlesnake.

O, between his left thumb and pointer finger, and me on my left elbow.

We were in the kitchen.

End of year nightmares

I am not sure why, but I have been having horrible nightmares of everyone that I personally know in real life.

Friends kids are getting kidnapped. People who I use to know are dying. Peoples homes are being invaded and flooded. Old rotted foods left in dirty diapers on people’s beds, leaking roofs.

Planes are crashing into cars. And now I just woke up from a dream where I was being forced down while a group of people were putting random stickers all over me in the rain. Not fun! Weird stuff! šŸ¤Ø

This all started three days ago.


I just woke up from a dream where I was walking through a car garage that meet inside to my house. There was a huge Lobster which need to be moved to the side in order for me to get through.

I looked down at it and asked myself why it looked puffy and inflamed.

Then I noticed that it’s shell was missing.

I reached down to pick it up and it clung to my face and started clawing my ears… it was wet and gooey.

I started to scream, the I woke up.


I just woke from a horrible nightmare where my oldest daughter had some sort of accident. I think, accident?!

Her face was all bloody and she was distressed. She could barely talk to tell me what had happened. I grabbed her hand and started praying. Then I woke up. I have such a bad feeling. šŸ˜”

Daycare & Spiders

I just woke from a dream when I was out shopping with Kendra (from homestead). 

We had all her kids with us. It seemed as if we were at someone’s old house that was turned into a daycare. 

She was telling me how exhausted she’s been and laid down on a vibrate style couch that was up against a brown paneling wall. I was sitting g in a matching chair that was in front of a bay window. Then a large, scary type of spider dangled down in front of her face. She got scared, as did I, and called for help. 

A man who I didn’t reconize came to her rescue and grabbed it. I assumed he killed it.

She kept her feet up on the sofa while we talked. She seemed very tired. After a bit, she sat back up and said she was now fine.

Then we got up and her kids told her that they were having fun playing with all the other kids.
We started walking, and passed a hall bathroom. 
There was a large piece of tree bark across its door and that same spider that we thought the man took care of, was now dangeling across the tree trunk. 
Then I woke up.

Addiction vs’ DepressionĀ 

I woke from a dream where I was in a building with a group of people that I knew in real life.

I was approached and asked if I’d get up on stage and do a lesson on Addiction verses Depression.

In the dream I said yes. In real life I would have said no. Mainly because I am anything but, a public speaker. One on one is fine. But to lead a extensive conversation in a group. Yikes! I’m Simply not qualified with the right words.

What I found interesting about my dream… is that I have been thinking about a period of my life where I needed to take a handful of Jet Alert, to simply get it of bed and shower. 
I was not sure if it was because of my Thyroid issues, Athritis, undiagnosed depression, or just plain laziness.

Come to find be out that I have OCD bad thoughts really bad, and it makes me wake up. Not to mention possibly Sleep Apnea, which I’m scheduled to get a sleep study for that in November. It’s over two years of waiting.
So… I’m contemplating  whether or not to write about all of this on my main blog, yankeegalscafe. šŸ¤”