Another Kidnapping


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I just woke up from another horrible nightmare that KR was kidnapped.

I was looking down into the dream from above this time..KR was curled up in a bathtub with a white tee shirt and blue jeans..

She was holding her stomach and weak because they were starving her. She was crying and struggling to say ‘help me mommy!!’
Then the scene went to a back bedroom where I was partially tied up on a bed.. I was trying to reach my phone from a drawer on the side of the bed to call O, but when I reached it, I became a toy cell phone. There were markers and crayons and tinker toys spilled in the floor in the corner between the nightstand and wall.

Then three men and a women kicked in the door and told me that they also had my son now! I yelled no! And in the back ground saw that they had CR. He had a big plate of food in his hand and I yelled for him to not eat it. That it was poison.
I told him to run! But it was too late, the women laughed at me and told me the children belong to her now, and the men grabbed CR’s arms.

Then I woke up with the faint voice of KR telling me to help her, that she hurts.


These nightmares must stop!


Author: missi

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