Protecting a child

I had a dream that I ran into MT,
She said her mom just died, and she needed protection and help, but no one would help her.

I told her I would always help her. That it was in my heart to help her. 

She started to cry and looked distressed. Panicky?

We then both appeared in an old white three story house.

We were in the hallway on the first floor.

She told me that “they are coming”,  and we both need to hide quickly before they find us.

Then she put her head down. She looked very sad, and I wanted to comfort her but didn’t know how.

When I asked her who we were hiding from, she lifted her head and became like a child. 

12? 13? Perhaps.

She pointed to a hidden area under a staircase.

She told me they were going to lock her up again and were mean to her. 

She said she needed help. But no one was there to protect her and she couldn’t trust anyone.

I told her I would protect her.
She pointed to the floor, under the staircase.

I followed her point and saw three small jewelry boxes.
She told me her mom gave them to her. But it as a secret.

Footsteps were coming from the next room over. She told me that we needed to stay hidden.

I looked at her again ,confused, and then noticed that she was wearing a tattered old long sleeve nightgown…

She hunched into the hidden area under the staircase and began rocking back and forth.

I stood in front of her, to shield her from whoever was coming.

I had my arms wide out. Like a gate.

Then a mean voice (I don’t recall if it was male  or female) just a mean voice?!
The voice told her to come out at once!

She stayed quiet, and I answered the voice… “NO! Go away and leave her alone!”

Then I woke up.



Author: missi

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