Spiders or Bees?

October 20, 2015

I had a dream that a lot of bugs were coming in from a broken sliding glass door.
We were living in this very old white house. CR and D were with me. I ran to get some bug spray to spray the door that was jammed open. 

I pointed to the kids that a bunch of spiders that were now coming in.. 

As I fetched the bug spray, D yelled to me that she got stung on the foot by a bee. 

I told her that it may be a spider bite.

Then CR yelled to me that they are bees,not spiders,  and that he just got stung behind his ear.
D ran off to get a bee medicine for the stings.

She said she used the last bit of medicine.

CR was now crying and said his sting hurts really bad.

I called for O, and told him to come look at CR’s stings, and find some more medicine quickly.

O arrived home, but didn’t know where to look for more medicine.

CR ran over to O, and then they both disappeared.
I was left by the back door spraying a bunch of spiders. Which is what I was seeing. Trying to keep them from coming inside. 

Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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