Puppies on the Line

I had a dream that we were living in a big whie Victorian house. (A reacurring theme it seems)

I was hosting a home church.
There was a single mom with a little girl, about ten years old, who was telling me what she likes, and dislikes, about our bible study and house.

My aunt B was singing a song very loudly.
A man named Bruce, was upstairs using the bathroom.
My kids were all outside with my cousin Becky, who was a kid, and Bruce’s kids.
I yelled for everyone to come outside to eat.
Outside there was an old assembly line that was running along the house, over to the woods.

I heard some yelps. Like puppy’s.

I asked KR to walk over there with me.

We found small boxes filled with newborn pups that were in the line up.

They were in the boxes with small pieces of slim-jims, and pepperoni.

Some pups were alive, some dead. Hundreds of them!

KR and I started removing the boxes from the line, wondering who put them there.

Aunt B and Becky walked over to see what we were doing.
I took one out. It’s eyes were still closed.

They were all either brown and white, or black and white. Baby Boston Terriers.

KR started crying for them.
Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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