Keanu Reeves

I was living in a big White Victorian House.

In the kitchen in the far left side was a little oven. It caught on fire because I had three things cooking in it at once. The pork roast started the fire. I opened it up and it appeared to be a grease fire.

In the far right of the kitchen was the main stove. It was also on fire.

I ran for the extinguisher that was on the wall.

It was the tiny white one. Like the one that is in my kitchen now. I pulled the red clip to get it going.
Then this very tall man who looked like Keanu Reeves appeared behind me, and said, “Let me take care of these fires for you Ma’am”
Then he comforted me with a hug. I began to cry. He told me it would be okay. That, ‘it happens’
Then I saw myself in a long wooden walk-in attic style closet.

Clothes were all  hung along the left side.
I saw a hand. It was moving all the clothes from side to side. A big hand!

Then I walked deeper in the closet…not afraid….

Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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