Walmart Baby Monitor

I was at a Walmart and ran into my Cousin B. She was showing me a big fish tank that was at the front of the store.

It had fish in it. She said it was her tank that she kept there. It was on display with a functioning baby monitor in it. One that I use to have when C was a baby.

I asked her if I could buy the baby monitor out of the tank. That I needed that particular one.

It was blue and white. 
She took it out of the tank, still dripping with water, then handed it to me. 

Then I got in line with it. I examined it, noticing that it was now dry. 

I had a lot of stuff on the cashier belt that I was buying.

I told the bagger that the monitor had no box or Manuel, so if he wanted to go fetch me a new one, I’d exchange it. 
He picked up the one I was going to purchase, and told me that its been on display a very long time in the fish tank, and that they don’t make them like this anymore. 

He told me that it feels good. And it’s well made. 
I told him as long as it was okay then, I would purchase that one. Even though it’s very old.
He said fine, and that it was going to come in handy. 

After I paid, the scene switched to several hundred people on horse back and buses heading out to an open field. People were going to camp and live in the fields because all the houses were gone.

It felt as though the end of the world has begun.
Very little belongings were brought there, and when we arrived, big army and military units were everywhere. 

All the kids were separated in buses from their families.

I heard them screaming and crying for their families.

I looked out the window and saw a bunch of farmer men rolling out black mattresses that were filled with hay sticking out from them. We were going to use them for family beds in tents that some others were  already setting up.

I became scared, and looked down at my bag that had the baby monitor in it. It somehow was comforting me.
Then I looked up from the bag and saw KR casually walking toward me across the field. She looked fine.

Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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