Sick Child

I had a dream that T
wanted us to take her Daughter A, but in the dream A was named Natasha, and was very ill, and only 7yrs old.

We were at a house at someone’s party. T pulled me aside and said that her daughter is ill and needs home care, and that I should be the one to care for her.
I told her that if I was an empty nester, I’d have time, but I simply do not have the time, and that she’s her mother and should be taking care of her.
A couple hours pass, and O says he’s ready to go. He doesn’t know about the sick child. I tell him. 

Then his mom starts walking toward me with the child in her arms, all frail and limb. She hands me the sick girl. 

She tells something to O in Spanish. He tells her okay. 

She puts the child in his arms, then passes me a lined notebook scrap of paper that is crinkled up.

 I open it up and it says Parkensins disease. 

I ask if she means that the child has that? Sheshrugs and says “take sick child”

 Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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