I had a Nightmare I was assaulted while asleep at a Ymca, in their waiting room. I was covered with a blue blanket and my cell phones was in my hand. 

Then the scene changed, and my phone was stolen and the man, John M, stole all my info. He was laughing at me.

I had a brown tank top and a brown lace bra on.

John M, was tall, late 50’s, ugly metal frame glasses. 

He had a Dress shirt and dress pants. 

I was in a chair like the ones at novant health. On the right hand side. He was on the left.
I couldn’t get a hold of O, who was at home. 

All the kids were at the Y too, but they partaking in activities. 

I was alone and crying.

Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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