Darth Vader in a Batmobile

I just woke up from a very odd dream where Darth-Vader was riding around in the bat-mobile stealing people’s cell phone/laptop connections, and all their info.

It didn’t actually make any sense, but in the dream it did. Apparently he had the Google Glasses under his mask. He had eight minutes to break a code that would allow him to hack into people’s cells and laptops.

Once he did, because he never failed at this… He was able to load everything that people had on their cells into his google glass’. But he had to be driving on the side, or behind your vehicle to gain access. He had to be that close.

Once he had all your info, he also had a special code that he was able to sell on the black market for 8k each.

The result was your phone was now officially ruined and you had no idea why….


Author: missi

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