About this Blog

This is the post excerpt.


This blog is about Dreams, Nightmares, and Visions.

(may be sensitive to some people)


Please feel free to comment about your own dreams and visions. I’d love to hear about them, and you!


Author: missi

Read my about me page. ;)

3 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. Another dream I had baby twins last night. My great aunt had 2 sets of twins and a cousin had 1 set but never me!


    1. Very Interesting. 🤔
      I tend to dream about babies when my heart is heavy for one of my kids. You know, like our children will always be babies in our minds. Even as they get older, the worrying about them and nurturing never seems to lighten.


  2. I have a lot of pregnancy dreams or caring for a baby although my youngest is 16. Those dreams stopped but started back up again. I also have had very vivid dreams of aquariums! Can you imagine being inside a room surrounded by aquariums and peering inside each one? Sometimes it would be scary like electric eels. Sometimes Id be surprised and astounded by the beautiful colors! Again my latest vivid dream was taking care of a baby but there is no baby in my life.


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