Nightmare 1

I woke up at 7am with my back hurting.. Then went back to sleep, only to wake up at 9:30 from a nightmare where me, C,K, and CR, were in this run down old plaza.


It was similar to the market place plaza in Winston Salem.. Where Nate works as a barber.

The kids and I were stranded. We needed to make some money to eat…we were so very hungry.

We ran into a Spanish couple who invited us to their apartment, which was in the shopping plaza…We went up these white wooden circular staircase up to their apartment. They fed us some Spanish food. They said they snuck over from Mexico. Then asked me what my story was.

The man told me that he was going to teach me how to drive.. He told his wife to teach the kids how to use the bow and arrows while we were having the driving lesson..

Something happened and I freaked out while trying to learn to drive and ran back up those stairs crying.

The kids were in a back bedroom and the guy told his wife that she needed to go take care of me..

She started preparing a shot from a wooden box at the dining table. I turned around, and in a struggle.. She tried to stab me with the shot, telling to not to fight it. That it would be over soon, and she would take care of my kids because she doesn’t have any of her own.

I screamed for the kids to run and leave the house.. But KR, was the only one who came out..I asked her where C, and CR were…

She just stood there watching me…

Like in a trance?
Still screaming, I tried to get the shot out of the ladies hand to use on her!!

And managed to go so. She was small and petite with long black hair and a tan…
I got away and began to run down the staircase, which was off the kitchen.. I saw CR and C, at the bottom of the stairs talking..

I screamed for them to run, and tried voicing what just happened to me with the lady and shot… Telling C how the lady was trying to drug me, so they could kidnap them!

C asked where KR was.. I told her it was too late, that they brainwashed her…

As we were running towards the parking lot to get away, the man pulled up In a large navy clunker of a car… The same one that he was trying to teach me to drive in…

He was running up towards the apartment as I was looking back.. He was calling for KR telling her that she knows what to do…and to do like he instructed her to do.

She met him outside and threw him some bow and arrows and she also had some. They both began to shoot at us…

Then KK appeared in the dream.

She was running along side of C and CR, telling me to hurry, and not give up!!
But if was too late…

The guy and KR got me in the back and I went down in the parking lot..

As I was laying their dying, yet I looked around and saw the parking lot filling up with lots of people.. All were carrying bows and arrows.

Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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