I woke from a bad dream were I was at 40 Pratt Street kitchen (Winsted, Connecticut) that was infested with snakes.

White tarnish ones with red eyes and scary looking black and red eyes. The hallway was that of Aunt E’s trailers with the bathrooms down there, but the living room was that of 50 Broad Street in Torrington, Connectut.

There were two cats laying on some pillows in my bedroom that we thought were Jerry and Pepper, but upon further inspection, they turned out to be imposters.


The cat that was suppose to be Pepper was covered with fleas.

I yelled for C to take her back outside so I could vacuum my bedroom, which was now covered with fleas.
The scene then changed,  and I opened the kitchen door that led outside. There were now two baby iguanas and a black snake inbetween the kitchen door and screen door.

I yelled for O to come, but he didn’t.

I tried to grab my purse, before running towards the living room door, but tripped…it then fell from my hand.
I was laying on the floor between the kitchen and living room,  when a black snake with red eyes started crawling up me..I was scared.

That’s when I saw O, who finally came to check on me.. Standing in front of me asking me what he should do? But telling me not to move or it would bite me. I was so mad at him for not helping.

Then the snake slowly started entering my left ear drum. I felt it’s tongue darting in and out of my ear…
I was still very scared..

Then I saw a white snake crawling up my right leg..
I started praying for it not to hurt me, but in my dream I knew I had to wake myself up or it would be too late. I suddenly became aware that this was all just a dream…one that I had control of.

So I opened my eyes and woke up.


Author: missi

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