John Deer Nightmare

I was in our SUV with the family. Honey bees were crawling in and out of my ears and around my eyes. I was petrified, but kept still so they wouldn’t sting me. I felt a lot of fear.

Then the dream flashed and it was the end of world. It seemed.

There was a massive flood with everyone in small boats and canoes trying to reach a dry area, but none could be seen for as far as the eyes could see. Everyone had paddles and were trying to ore vigorously.

Then out of no where several large boats that were a cross between army tanks (in size) and shiny green John Deer tractors (what they looked like) started smashing people on their smaller boats. 

The front of them had one large tire that would raise up like a  bike wheely? 

And come up behind a bunch of people in their smaller boats, and smash them under the water until they are all died. 
I was in one of the smaller boats wth my family and was trying paddle out of their sight. I was tired and crying and had no help with paddling.

One of the men in one of the tractor boats was calling out in a vulgar voice, “Trisha! Trisha! I’ll find you!”

As he continued on, killing people with his tractor boat. 
Then the scene changed again and I was outside at some fancy event with the bad tractor guys chasing me. Yelling to me that they knew that I knew where Trisha was.

I started yelling back to them over my shoulder that I didn’t know anyone by that name!
Then I reached an outside area where people were dressed in suits and fancy gowns. Some people were eating, some were dancing, while others were standing up just socializingwith one another. 
The I saw SH, having, what appeared to be a “heavy discussion” with a short women with shoulder length wavy blond hair. She had a fancy blue dress on. I couldn’t see her face from where I was standing because she had her back turned away from him. He looked to be reasoning with her. 

He calling her Trisha. 

I ran over to them and interrupted them, to let them know that the bad guys were looking for her…

She slowly started turning around towards me…. then I woke up.

I never saw her face. 
(The most disturbing part of this nightmare were the John Deer Tractor boats that lifted and smashed things.) 😱


Author: missi

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