Robotic Spider

I woke up covered in cob webs. I brushed them off of me and jumped out of bed. They were a thick weave silk type of web. And in my dream I was asking myself, “what the heck kind of spider was this from?”
I went to bed the second night and woke up the morning with the same webbing over me, except this time there was a flexible orange plastic netting intertwined with the webbing. 
I lifted it off me and ran it to my bathroom to throw it in the tub. I was feeling scared. 

I started filling the tub with water, when a robotic spider crawled off of it and into the water. 
It was the size of my whole hand, and made a robotic type of noise as it crawled around the tub.
It looked up to me and smiled, and then began to open and close its large fangs in a fun and playful manner. 
Then I woke up.


Author: missi

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