Crying Baby

I had a dream last night about a crying baby in a old decrepit crib.
The house was that of the movie, Flowers in the attic. (That is what I thought of while approaching it.)

I heard a child crying and wandered into the old house. I knocked. No one answered so I walked in. I saw a large semi-spiral wooden staircase. As I  walked up the staircase, I reached an attic. The crib was up against the left hand wall upon walking into the room.

As I stepped into the attic and over to the now wailing child, an older woman locked the door behind me and told me that I have been chosen to care for the child and must never leave the room. 

She said that she would provide the basics,room and board, along with clothing for the child and me, but that was it. 
The child looked around 8 months old. She was in an old brown crib not fit for any child. Wobbly. She was jumping up and down holding onto the wobbly crib railing.
I walked over to the child and picked her up to calm her. She calmed down, then I set her on a twin size bed in the corner of the room. The old lady handed me two white pills and told me to take them, or I’d be sorry. 

So I did…

 Then I woke up from the dream.


Author: missi

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