I just woke from another lucid dream, or shall I say nightmare. C, M, and Y, were in Ireland.Plane had travel mercies.

They checked into a hotel.. everything was fine. 
Then they were dropped off to witness to a group of individuals in a shady area.

They were all dressed extra modest. 

The area looked somewhat like a compound, like the FLDS one in Texas. 

But it was on a mountain top..grassy, hilly…

There were many constructions and more being built. 
C, M, and Y split ways. Y said she was meeting up with a friend to go to another area and they would be back in the evening. 
After Y went ways.. a dark skinned man drove up in a white 15 passenger van and told C, And M, and a couple people that I didn’t recognize to hop in. He said it was important. He was a bad man who had an ear piece in his ear with another man asking if they kidnapped the tourists yet. The dark skin man said that’s it’s already been taken care of.
Then they rode off. I heard ‘Mom help us!’

I assume it was Chloelyn, then I woke up. 
The time: 3:55am


Author: missi

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