O and I were driving through a McDonald’s/Dry cleaning service place. It was set up like one of those drive-thru car wash places, where you stay in your car while your vehicle gets washed.
So we pulled up and rolled down the window to drop my dry cleaning off. 

And to my surprise,  my Aunt B, and Uncle J were the workers there at the checkout window. I hadn’t seen them in years, and started touching base with them. Asking how they have been, etc.

Then O asked if I wanted a filet o’ fish from McDonald’s. All I would have had to do was roll down my window and order; as I was sitting on the passengers side.

I thought for a moment, while looking out my passengers side window… O was now having a full blown conversation with Aunt B and Uncle J.
As I was looking out my window I heard Bollywood style music start to play.

 People were laughing, and it sounded like they were really enjoying themselves..

Then I heard someone call out, ‘Manish Mishra!’

And I then saw an old online friend that I have not heard/talked to in a couple years…

I felt immediate joy and happiness that he was finally getting married. Then I woke up.
*I think he would be 30 of age right now.*


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