The Last Unicorn

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I had a dream they I bought a few packs of Christmas Cards, they were The Last Unicorn cartoon themed.
I came home and opened them up. I rubbed my hands across the blue glittered front of one of the cards. Then I magically went into the movie. Then I woke up.



I was temporarily living in in Aunt E’s trailer in Miami, Florida. But as an adult with with another family.

(I lived here in real-life as a child)

We were in the living room looking out the screen door by the lake that was once there years prior…

I started telling a random teen boy how the water level on the lake is so high and how shocked I was to see it nearly touching the back door as it was rushing downwards like a cliff to a waterfall..I looked to the right hand side and noticed some sand where a few ladies were sun bathing. It was a circle of sand. I thought that was odd. There were around a half dozen ladies laying in their bellies wearing bikinis.

I then told them that it use to just be a still plot of water (a lake) out there.

One that I use to fish at, as a child, and watch the alligators sunbath where the ladies now were.

I then opened the door to get a better look at the water. The other people that were now in the living room told me not to that. That it was too dangerous. But I ignored them.
Then I decided to put my feet in the rushing water to see what the water temperature was like..It then pulled me in. Quickly!

Massive water like a waterfall, started pulling me in a downward direction.
I found myself hanging over, dangling, from the water cliff, crying out for someone to save me from falling.. I was terrified!

Just then, a mans arm from the inside of the living room started reaching for mine and pulling me up into the house again.

And then I was saved…