I was temporarily living in in Aunt E’s trailer in Miami, Florida. But as an adult with with another family.

(I lived here in real-life as a child)

We were in the living room looking out the screen door by the lake that was once there years prior…

I started telling a random teen boy how the water level on the lake is so high and how shocked I was to see it nearly touching the back door as it was rushing downwards like a cliff to a waterfall..I looked to the right hand side and noticed some sand where a few ladies were sun bathing. It was a circle of sand. I thought that was odd. There were around a half dozen ladies laying in their bellies wearing bikinis.

I then told them that it use to just be a still plot of water (a lake) out there.

One that I use to fish at, as a child, and watch the alligators sunbath where the ladies now were.

I then opened the door to get a better look at the water. The other people that were now in the living room told me not to that. That it was too dangerous. But I ignored them.
Then I decided to put my feet in the rushing water to see what the water temperature was like..It then pulled me in. Quickly!

Massive water like a waterfall, started pulling me in a downward direction.
I found myself hanging over, dangling, from the water cliff, crying out for someone to save me from falling.. I was terrified!

Just then, a mans arm from the inside of the living room started reaching for mine and pulling me up into the house again.

And then I was saved…



Power Ranger

I had a dream thatJT lost his security job and was working at a grocery store deli. 

He as dressed as a power ranger taking the customers orders.
The red & white power ranger. He seemed to be having fun. 
(There was a lot more that happened, but I lost all that I just typed. 

Another Kidnapping


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I just woke up from another horrible nightmare that KR was kidnapped.

I was looking down into the dream from above this time..KR was curled up in a bathtub with a white tee shirt and blue jeans..

She was holding her stomach and weak because they were starving her. She was crying and struggling to say ‘help me mommy!!’
Then the scene went to a back bedroom where I was partially tied up on a bed.. I was trying to reach my phone from a drawer on the side of the bed to call O, but when I reached it, I became a toy cell phone. There were markers and crayons and tinker toys spilled in the floor in the corner between the nightstand and wall.

Then three men and a women kicked in the door and told me that they also had my son now! I yelled no! And in the back ground saw that they had CR. He had a big plate of food in his hand and I yelled for him to not eat it. That it was poison.
I told him to run! But it was too late, the women laughed at me and told me the children belong to her now, and the men grabbed CR’s arms.

Then I woke up with the faint voice of KR telling me to help her, that she hurts.


These nightmares must stop!


I dreamed I was having dinner at a restaurant and an attractive older man lured me to another room. I became scared.

Then the room transformed into an alley, and he told me to be quiet and walk.

As I walked, another guy was now holding my hand… The floor quickly became  a consistency of gooy foam,  and started coming up around me very deeply.

It covered my head and I stopped breathing… I began to slowly suffocate while crying out for help. But no one came to help me.

Then I woke up.

Born Again?

I dreamed I got saved again. I said the sinners prayer and went through the Romans Road, at a table with two other ladies.

The house was very similar to 50 broad street in Torrington, Connecticut.

(where I use to live as a kid)

We were in the kitchen. (Which was my favorite room in the house)
LW and KK were in this dream, but in different rooms..