Power Ranger

I had a dream thatJT lost his security job and was working at a grocery store deli. 

He as dressed as a power ranger taking the customers orders.
The red & white power ranger. He seemed to be having fun. 
(There was a lot more that happened, but I lost all that I just typed. 


Another Kidnapping


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I just woke up from another horrible nightmare that KR was kidnapped.

I was looking down into the dream from above this time..KR was curled up in a bathtub with a white tee shirt and blue jeans..

She was holding her stomach and weak because they were starving her. She was crying and struggling to say ‘help me mommy!!’
Then the scene went to a back bedroom where I was partially tied up on a bed.. I was trying to reach my phone from a drawer on the side of the bed to call O, but when I reached it, I became a toy cell phone. There were markers and crayons and tinker toys spilled in the floor in the corner between the nightstand and wall.

Then three men and a women kicked in the door and told me that they also had my son now! I yelled no! And in the back ground saw that they had CR. He had a big plate of food in his hand and I yelled for him to not eat it. That it was poison.
I told him to run! But it was too late, the women laughed at me and told me the children belong to her now, and the men grabbed CR’s arms.

Then I woke up with the faint voice of KR telling me to help her, that she hurts.


These nightmares must stop!


I dreamed I was having dinner at a restaurant and an attractive older man lured me to another room. I became scared.

Then the room transformed into an alley, and he told me to be quiet and walk.

As I walked, another guy was now holding my hand… The floor quickly became  a consistency of gooy foam,  and started coming up around me very deeply.

It covered my head and I stopped breathing… I began to slowly suffocate while crying out for help. But no one came to help me.

Then I woke up.

Born Again?

I dreamed I got saved again. I said the sinners prayer and went through the Romans Road, at a table with two other ladies.

The house was very similar to 50 broad street in Torrington, Connecticut.

(where I use to live as a kid)

We were in the kitchen. (Which was my favorite room in the house)
LW and KK were in this dream, but in different rooms..

The Break-In

We were living in an apartment complex. It was one we use to live in sixteen years ago.
In Chicopee, Mass.
I was home alone with the kids. There was a Knock on the front door.

I peaked out the peep hole and noticed two guys dressed as Jehovah Witness’s, and a girl that had a clown costume on.

She was holding a large knife.
I told the kids to run and hide!

I scrambled to look for my phone… I found it, but it was dead. It was too late, they already broke in….

The two guys started witnessing to me. I explained to them that I was a Christian. That my ears are closed to their false doctrine and words.

Then one pulled me over to the front window in the living room and pointed down at a maroon car.

He then told me that it was his car, and that his name was Anthony.
I saw his face. Tan, dark hair and eyes ,with a dark freckle/mole on the left hand side of his cheek. Black suit. Attractive man.

(Much like the man Anthony that I use to work with at Big Y)

I turned around, and then noticed my kids were sitting at the dining room table.
The girl dressed as a clown was dirtying all my dishes.

I yelled at her to stop! I told her that I just cleaned the house, and she was making a big mess.

She told me to be quiet and that she was going to have a nice tea party with my kids.

I started screaming for them to leave.
Then the other guy that came in with them had disappeared.

I then appeared in my bedroom and saw the other guy sitting on the edge of my bed trying on my shoes. He told me that if I didn’t mind, he was going to take them all.
I told him to put them back. He said no, then proceeded to walk in a pair of my moccasins with his arms full of all my other shoes. He walked right out the front door with all of them.

He then voiced, “see you later honey.”
Then I realized they were a couple. The clown girl?

After he went out the front door I told the clown girl that there was an attractive girl out there with him.

She picked up the knife from the dining room table amd angrily left my kids and went out the front door to see.

I glanced at the table, noticing that every single tea cup in the house was filled with tea on my table…along with coffee mugs with half drunken coffee. I was very annoyed by the mess.

I told the kids it was going to be okay. Then hugged them.They were confused.

Now I was left with the other guy.

I looked at him.
He asked me if I was ready to listen to his words… And if I said yes, no one would get hurt. I said alright. Yes!
I told the kids to go to the other room.

Then I woke up.

(I went to bed thinking about a very confusing conversation I had in Sunday school. We were Baptist, but recently switched over to a Methodist church that is closer to home. I also went to bed thinking about all the dishes that got dirty. Due to me making a huge dinner yesterday.

I also was thinking about everything that needed fixing in my house, and how much I miss living in an apartment complex… Where when something breaks, a simple phone call, and someone comes to fix it. I also was thinking about a friend, MF, who asked me yesterday if her friend who just died went to heaven.

That she was a Jehovah Witness….
So I had a lot going in in my head last night before bed.

I’m confused about the clown though. What was the clown suppose to represent?


Dream Interpratation:

Not everything is as it seems. Or should I say that everything is not as it seems. The Lord is teaching or training you in discernment. Your response is determined by the severity or nature of the problem. You are being shown the underlying truth of people and situations. You can not rely soley on what you see, but you have to tune in to what the Spirit is saying.
Because you are/ will be led by the Spirit, when craziness is all around you and others have no idea what to do, you will appear to be calm and prepared to respond. Either because you are, or because you are relying on the Lord to reveal the truth in His timing.

Don’t just trust your old training and doctrines, don’t just trust your new acquaintances, but begin to view them through the truth of the Word.

Situations are obvious and clear in your dreams, but very subtle in real life. They don’t seem so absurd, but they are. Be wise in what you trust to others, but when they fall short, then be filled with grace and peace.

From AB.