Nightmare#1–Two people that I know IRL kidnapped one of my daughters.


Nightmare#2–The gov broke down my front door and said that it was maditory that all children under the age of 18, must now have their ears clipped. I argued with them. Then they shared some scrapbooks of cats and dogs to demonstrate.
Nightmare#3–There was a break-in. It was dark.  I was struggling to reach my phone to call 911. No one answered, so I dialed DH’s number and the operator said that the number was no longer in service.

Crying Baby

I had a dream last night about a crying baby in a old decrepit crib.
The house was that of the movie, Flowers in the attic. (That is what I thought of while approaching it.)

I heard a child crying and wandered into the old house. I knocked. No one answered so I walked in. I saw a large semi-spiral wooden staircase. As I  walked up the staircase, I reached an attic. The crib was up against the left hand wall upon walking into the room.

As I stepped into the attic and over to the now wailing child, an older woman locked the door behind me and told me that I have been chosen to care for the child and must never leave the room. 

She said that she would provide the basics,room and board, along with clothing for the child and me, but that was it. 
The child looked around 8 months old. She was in an old brown crib not fit for any child. Wobbly. She was jumping up and down holding onto the wobbly crib railing.
I walked over to the child and picked her up to calm her. She calmed down, then I set her on a twin size bed in the corner of the room. The old lady handed me two white pills and told me to take them, or I’d be sorry. 

So I did…

 Then I woke up from the dream.

Standing up to bullies

I walked outside and walk a little basketball the size of a baseball. Two soccer balls were laughing at it and telling it that it would never be in the World Series because it was just too tiny and would never amount to anything. 

The little basketball looked sad as the two soccer balls continued to laugh at him..

I began to walk over to the balls to interveve, the tiny basketball had a tiny hand attached to its side and he was now holding a  sharp tac.  He gouged it in each of the soccer balls that were making fun of him. They popped!
And then I woke up.

End of the world?

I just woke from a very odd nightmare. 
A.T picked me up to go out shopping. It had been a while, and we were exchanging belated Christmas gifts. 

She gave me something that wasn’t very nice. Something she didn’t put much thought into. (Which was my thought in the dream)
I gave her three Buxom lipglosses that she had been wanting. 
We were driving in her car and quickly noticed that the roads were all blocked off. 

It looked like the end of the world. 

We became fearful!
 Then she said she knew of a short cut that would lead us to a safe house.
We ended up at a huge ‘end of the world’ party that had somewhat odd restrictions on who they would allow into the six floored dark brown wooden house that had wrap around decks on each floor. 
The house looked like an old community center?
I had to get inside I told them, because my family was in there and the kids needed me.
 They asked me what I had to offer as a payment for safety. I pulled out the gift that A.T, gave me. They laughed at it and threw it to the ground with a spit! I asked them why they did that? They laughed and told me that It was a shi**y payment. 
I turned around to ask A.T. For one of the expensive lipglosses. But she was gone!!
 I then looked up to the sixth floor wrap around deck and saw her waving to me with a sly grin.
I turned back to the guards and one of them pulled the three lip-glosses that were now in a baggie, from his coat pocket.

It was cold outside.
He then laughed and told me that my friend was a sell-out and already claimed her spot of safety by giving him all three lip glosses.
I started to run towards a wooden area as people started to chase me. 
Then I woke up!


I had a dream that KC was going to Cambodia for an intern job that she was offered through the internet, but it ended up being a s*x trafficking scam in which she was being held against her will.
I bought a ticket to go there and find her, but the aircraft I was on was hijacked by the s*x trafficking people. 

There were some missionaries who were dressed as the Amish, over there in a hidden village that was set up on a dome-like building that no one knew about. 

(Update- KC’s friend CASIE, told her tonight that she was flying to Cambodia in a few days for a mission trip.) 😳

Robotic Spider

I woke up covered in cob webs. I brushed them off of me and jumped out of bed. They were a thick weave silk type of web. And in my dream I was asking myself, “what the heck kind of spider was this from?”
I went to bed the second night and woke up the morning with the same webbing over me, except this time there was a flexible orange plastic netting intertwined with the webbing. 
I lifted it off me and ran it to my bathroom to throw it in the tub. I was feeling scared. 

I started filling the tub with water, when a robotic spider crawled off of it and into the water. 
It was the size of my whole hand, and made a robotic type of noise as it crawled around the tub.
It looked up to me and smiled, and then began to open and close its large fangs in a fun and playful manner. 
Then I woke up.