Daycare & Spiders

I just woke from a dream when I was out shopping with Kendra (from homestead). 

We had all her kids with us. It seemed as if we were at someone’s old house that was turned into a daycare. 

She was telling me how exhausted she’s been and laid down on a vibrate style couch that was up against a brown paneling wall. I was sitting g in a matching chair that was in front of a bay window. Then a large, scary type of spider dangled down in front of her face. She got scared, as did I, and called for help. 

A man who I didn’t reconize came to her rescue and grabbed it. I assumed he killed it.

She kept her feet up on the sofa while we talked. She seemed very tired. After a bit, she sat back up and said she was now fine.

Then we got up and her kids told her that they were having fun playing with all the other kids.
We started walking, and passed a hall bathroom. 
There was a large piece of tree bark across its door and that same spider that we thought the man took care of, was now dangeling across the tree trunk. 
Then I woke up.


Addiction vs’ DepressionĀ 

I woke from a dream where I was in a building with a group of people that I knew in real life.

I was approached and asked if I’d get up on stage and do a lesson on Addiction verses Depression.

In the dream I said yes. In real life I would have said no. Mainly because I am anything but, a public speaker. One on one is fine. But to lead a extensive conversation in a group. Yikes! I’m Simply not qualified with the right words.

What I found interesting about my dream… is that I have been thinking about a period of my life where I needed to take a handful of Jet Alert, to simply get it of bed and shower. 
I was not sure if it was because of my Thyroid issues, Athritis, undiagnosed depression, or just plain laziness.

Come to find be out that I have OCD bad thoughts really bad, and it makes me wake up. Not to mention possibly Sleep Apnea, which I’m scheduled to get a sleep study for that in November. It’s over two years of waiting.
So… I’m contemplating  whether or not to write about all of this on my main blog, yankeegalscafe. šŸ¤”

Dreaming about a word

I woke up this morning from a dream of this word. 


 I was saying this word over and over again in my dream. I woke up and couldn’t get this word out of my mind. šŸ¤”
I am not sure why I had this dream. I do not think I have ever dreamt about a particular word before.

Has anyone else?

Drive-Thru Ā 

O and I were driving through a McDonald’s/Dry cleaning service place. It was set up like one of those drive-thru car wash places, where you stay in your car while your vehicle gets washed.
So we pulled up and rolled down the window to drop my dry cleaning off. 

And to my surprise,  my Aunt B, and Uncle J were the workers there at the checkout window. I hadn’t seen them in years, and started touching base with them. Asking how they have been, etc.

Then O asked if I wanted a filet o’ fish from McDonald’s. All I would have had to do was roll down my window and order; as I was sitting on the passengers side.

I thought for a moment, while looking out my passengers side window… O was now having a full blown conversation with Aunt B and Uncle J.
As I was looking out my window I heard Bollywood style music start to play.

 People were laughing, and it sounded like they were really enjoying themselves..

Then I heard someone call out, ‘Manish Mishra!’

And I then saw an old online friend that I have not heard/talked to in a couple years…

I felt immediate joy and happiness that he was finally getting married. Then I woke up.
*I think he would be 30 of age right now.*


It’s been a while since I’ve woken from demonic nightmares. However last night was the exception.šŸ˜”

Last night I was in the passengers side of our SUV, when a demon came from the backseat under my seat and was trying to get on me. Right up on me. I kept pushing it off me so it would not atttach itself on to me. 

I started screaming and praying it away…(in my dream)

 It finally disssolved into a shadow and disappeared. (Like usually)
Then I woke up and started praying scripture until I was able to clam myself down and fall back to sleep. 

Time: 3am
(My guess is that it stemmed from my oldest daughter communicating with my mother last night. I don’t say this to be mean, but the last time I had contact with her, I had similar nightmares.)


I was selling two Adidas tees on eBay for $14.99 and had a guy message me to ask if they were authentic, like the ones that run for $395 at the mall.
I told him that they were authentic, but only retail for $30 each at the mall.

He began to argue with me about cost…
Then I woke up.

I have not listed the tees yet, but will today. I guess they were on my mind before bed? šŸ¤”