No Tail

I just woke from a dream where Jerry was out on the back deck. I opened the door to feed him a can of tuna, he ran into the kitchen, and then I noticed his tail was missing. He didn’t appear to be hurt or in pain, but his tail had just disappeared completely. 

I fed him, and then I woke up. 🤔


Evil Demonic Cats

I had a dream that we were living in this big old Victorian White House. 

I heard some sounds outside the front door on the porch. It was nightfall. 

I walked over with KR to open the front door to see what it was, when a Blue Russian cat ran inside. 

KR and I looked at each other. Then out of no where, hundreds upon hundreds of blue Russian cats were trying to come inside. 
We both felt fear.. 

I told KR to quickly shut the door before any more come inside. 

Then the cats turned demonic looking, and their meows were just awful. Pure evil!

We couldn’t contain them to outside any longer, and the front door flew open and they all started to trample us to the floor. 

Which was wooden and refinished. Shiny.
Then I woke up.