Lost cell phone

Back story: I was out shopping last night and slipped in the bathroom for a moment, accidentally leaving my phone in my shopping cart outside of the bathroom. I had several clothing items in my cart, with my phone laying on top of all the clothing. It was busy in the store, and I kept over hearing people talk about how broke they were in passing.

I had just recently shut the pass code off while I was shopping because I kept doing searches for things on google and it was getting annoying. That extra step and all…😐
While in the rest room, an utter moment of panic struck me and I dashed back out of the rest room..hoping my phone was still in my cart. I was sure it had probably been stolen. It only takes a moment! And this would have totally been my own fault.

But…To my surprise, it was right where I left it. 

Dream: I just woke up from an awful nightmare where my cell phone was stolen. It was laying on top of a luggage.  I was on a tv reality show program. It was a couple weeks in, and I was getting bored on the show so I asked my group to get voted off. To have them vote me off because I was bored and wanted to go home.

The people on my team became angry at my cavalier decision, and began throwing random things at me. We were all on the ground working on a group advertising project during this time. 

I stood up and began to run, in order to stop getting hit by random objects.

I left my phone behind… which was on my luggage on the ground.

When I realized it. I ran back to where I was sitting. But it was too late. 

I started to panic pretty bad!

I called my father from a strangers phone. He was working in the area that evening as a police officer. I told him what happened.  He told me to not worry about it. And that it was going to be okay.

I looked over yonder and noticed one of the really mean contestants on my phone. I yelled for my dad to go arrest her and get my phone back. He looked over, squinted his eyes to see her.. and said that he knew her. And she was dangerous.

She then looked over at me with an evil grin….

Then I woke up and reached for my phone, which was safe in my nightstand.

Currently, I am still in panic mode though. 😬😱

Our phones having control over us is definetly something that I do not like. 

Our phones have become our own personal computers. Our life! 😔

What if you lost your phone today? Would you freak out?


Broken Cell

My family was at a mega church in the city. We use to go to their VBS program years ago.

As we were standing in line waiting to get in the chapel, I took out my cell. Then a teen girl noticed my bamboo wooden iphone 4 case and told me it was cool. I said thank you.
Then she asked to hold it. For a better view, she said.

I looked up at her and noticed she was holding a toddler. Maybe two years old. It was a boy. He was squirming to get out if her arms.

I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable, because if my phone falls, the case would break, as will the screen, and that I had only had my phone for a month. That my father got it for me. (Which is true)

So I help up my phone for her to see the case. Just then, the toddler grabbed it and started waving it in the air.

The teen girl told him to give it to her now!

As she struggled to take it from him, it fell to the floor.

The case broke in two.

I reached for it, and noticed the screen was shattered.

When I picked it up… The screen broke completely off. I became angry and looked over to O, and told him that I was going to the van, and for him to stay with the kids.
He told me to calm down, and that he knew how to fix it. That it would be fine. Not to worry.

I started to cry, and I told him how upset my father was going to be with me.

I then took off running down the church hallway, outside to our van.

When I reached our van, I got in and looked down at my phone, still in tears…

When I looked down at it, it was in the case, which was now NOT broken.

And where the screen once was, it was Saran Wrap.

Confused, I took my finger and pressed down on the Saran Wrap.

Then I thought in my head, Yes, it’s Saran Wrap!?

Then I woke up and reached for my phone…

Just to see! Of course it was fine.

Darth Vader in a Batmobile

I just woke up from a very odd dream where Darth-Vader was riding around in the bat-mobile stealing people’s cell phone/laptop connections, and all their info.

It didn’t actually make any sense, but in the dream it did. Apparently he had the Google Glasses under his mask. He had eight minutes to break a code that would allow him to hack into people’s cells and laptops.

Once he did, because he never failed at this… He was able to load everything that people had on their cells into his google glass’. But he had to be driving on the side, or behind your vehicle to gain access. He had to be that close.

Once he had all your info, he also had a special code that he was able to sell on the black market for 8k each.

The result was your phone was now officially ruined and you had no idea why….