Tailless Cat

I had a dream that Pepper, my black cat, showed up at home with her tail cut off and all bloody. I looked her over amd noticed that a lot of her fur on her right side had been shaven off. 

She then fell down on the front porch and looked as if she were in pain and dying. 

Then I woke up. 😔


I had a dream that I kept getting bit by mosquitos. They were everywhere!We were living in a big modern house in the burbs with a walk out deck. I walked out onto the deck to see if there were just as many out there, as they were inside…

As I stepped foot onto the back deck it was very sunny..
No mosquitos out here, I said to myself..

Then I turned to walk back inside and I found myself wearing my new black dress that Maria just fixed. 

Then, I found myself on this shady porch with broken lawn furniture in that dress, and had lots of mosquitos biting me…
A random upscale lady appeared and told me that they never bite her… and told me to sit down.

I told her no, that I wasn’t staying there any longer…

The I woke up. 

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair?

I woke from a dream where I was living on the ocean in an amazing beach house. 
I was in the bathroom dying my hair like a rainbow. (VERY out of character)

After it was all blow dried, I looked on the mirror and saw that at one side of of my head of hair, it was bleach blonde. And then wrapped around my head in the color of the rainbow, ending on the other side of my head as a beautiful bright turquoise color. 

I then left the bathroom and ended up at some beach party where people were coming up to me and touching my hair, telling me how great it looked. 

I responded by telling them that I was going to wear it like a crazy rainbow for the next week until I decided which color I liked best. Then I saw O, and asked him which color he liked best. He said the bright purple. I told him that I liked the purple and the turquoise the best. 

Then I ended up at some night club and was dancing…The music was very loud and I was having a great time. 

Then I noticed my reflection in one of the side mirrors at the night club, and my hair was still that of a rainbow, but it was now a shoulder length bob. And  I now had bleach blonde bangs. 

Then I woke up. 


Nightmare#1–Two people that I know IRL kidnapped one of my daughters.


Nightmare#2–The gov broke down my front door and said that it was maditory that all children under the age of 18, must now have their ears clipped. I argued with them. Then they shared some scrapbooks of cats and dogs to demonstrate.
Nightmare#3–There was a break-in. It was dark.  I was struggling to reach my phone to call 911. No one answered, so I dialed DH’s number and the operator said that the number was no longer in service.

John Deer Nightmare

I was in our SUV with the family. Honey bees were crawling in and out of my ears and around my eyes. I was petrified, but kept still so they wouldn’t sting me. I felt a lot of fear.

Then the dream flashed and it was the end of world. It seemed.

There was a massive flood with everyone in small boats and canoes trying to reach a dry area, but none could be seen for as far as the eyes could see. Everyone had paddles and were trying to ore vigorously.

Then out of no where several large boats that were a cross between army tanks (in size) and shiny green John Deer tractors (what they looked like) started smashing people on their smaller boats. 

The front of them had one large tire that would raise up like a  bike wheely? 

And come up behind a bunch of people in their smaller boats, and smash them under the water until they are all died. 
I was in one of the smaller boats wth my family and was trying paddle out of their sight. I was tired and crying and had no help with paddling.

One of the men in one of the tractor boats was calling out in a vulgar voice, “Trisha! Trisha! I’ll find you!”

As he continued on, killing people with his tractor boat. 
Then the scene changed again and I was outside at some fancy event with the bad tractor guys chasing me. Yelling to me that they knew that I knew where Trisha was.

I started yelling back to them over my shoulder that I didn’t know anyone by that name!
Then I reached an outside area where people were dressed in suits and fancy gowns. Some people were eating, some were dancing, while others were standing up just socializingwith one another. 
The I saw SH, having, what appeared to be a “heavy discussion” with a short women with shoulder length wavy blond hair. She had a fancy blue dress on. I couldn’t see her face from where I was standing because she had her back turned away from him. He looked to be reasoning with her. 

He calling her Trisha. 

I ran over to them and interrupted them, to let them know that the bad guys were looking for her…

She slowly started turning around towards me…. then I woke up.

I never saw her face. 
(The most disturbing part of this nightmare were the John Deer Tractor boats that lifted and smashed things.) 😱

Remembering dreams

I have tried to wait till morning to type up my dreams instead of waking up in the middle of the night to make rough drafts and jotting them down in detail.
It has not been working at all. I really wish I was able to remember all of my dreams by morning. But I guess it’s back to waking up in the middle of the night….😐
Anyone else dreaming?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I had a dream last night that I was at Walgreens with my oldest daughter. She was in a line cashing out. I saw her reaching for a Reese’s Peanut Butter candy bar.
I told her to not buy the ones at the register because they market them for impulse buyers. And that you get less.

I told her to step out of line and go back to the candy isle and get the value pack eight because it’s the same price as the two-pack up by the registers.

She put the small pack back, and walked back to the candy isle to grab the larger pack.
Watching her walk back toward me, I asked her how much the larger pack was, she said it was cheaper then the two-pack.

Then I woke up.