End of year nightmares

I am not sure why, but I have been having horrible nightmares of everyone that I personally know in real life.

Friends kids are getting kidnapped. People who I use to know are dying. Peoples homes are being invaded and flooded. Old rotted foods left in dirty diapers on people’s beds, leaking roofs.

Planes are crashing into cars. And now I just woke up from a dream where I was being forced down while a group of people were putting random stickers all over me in the rain. Not fun! Weird stuff! 🤨

This all started three days ago.


Tailless Cat

I had a dream that Pepper, my black cat, showed up at home with her tail cut off and all bloody. I looked her over amd noticed that a lot of her fur on her right side had been shaven off. 

She then fell down on the front porch and looked as if she were in pain and dying. 

Then I woke up. 😔


I just woke from a dream where this girl was kidnapped and brought to die in a very cluttered ‘hourders home’ it was a big white Victorian style home with many rooms.

She had a newborn baby with her.

The couple that kidnapped her brought her to this back bed room and laid her down in the middle of a large bed and hooked her up to a machine. The bed had a white sheet on it and appeared to be clean, unlike the rest of the home.

They shaved her head and handed her the newborn baby. The baby was not crying. The girl (early 20’s) was thin and frail looking. She didn’t say anything. She was at their mercy it seemed.

In the dream I was watching the situation from afar, and saw who the girl was. (She was the daughter of a couple that I use to know a few years back.)

The Baby

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 8:20 AM

I just woke from a nightmare where O, was involved in a  gang related thing. We were living in an old tiny run down old house with his family.

It was his brother N, who got him involved with the gang to make extra money on the side..

Well, these gangster type men started busting down the doors. I ran to the bathroom and locked the the door!

I noticed that It had many bolt locks on it.

Then some men across the road started shooting at me through an open window with machine guns.

Then women banged on the bathroom door and shoved a baby girl with two diapers in my hand. She started running away and got shot in the process.
Then an older women opened a door from the ceiling and told me to hurry, that the bad guys were getting ready to kill us all.

I climbed up to where she was with the baby in my arms.

There was another family hiding up there already. It was dirty and there were mattresses on the attic like flooring..

I started to cry while changing the babies diaper.

The older women who was the mother of the bunch that were hiding up there told me to keep still and be quiet.

Then we started to smell smoke. The bad guys were setting the house on fire. I looked to the wooden floors and saw them turn fire orange.

I grabbed the baby and jumped out the window (which was on the second floor) and I landed on my feet with the baby and started to run…

Then I fell down in a abandoned parking lot and died with the baby in my arms. And the last sight I saw was one of the bad guys with a fancy grey suit on, staring over us with a cigar in his mouth…

looking very satisfied…..