It’s been a while since I’ve woken from demonic nightmares. However last night was the exception.😔

Last night I was in the passengers side of our SUV, when a demon came from the backseat under my seat and was trying to get on me. Right up on me. I kept pushing it off me so it would not atttach itself on to me. 

I started screaming and praying it away…(in my dream)

 It finally disssolved into a shadow and disappeared. (Like usually)
Then I woke up and started praying scripture until I was able to clam myself down and fall back to sleep. 

Time: 3am
(My guess is that it stemmed from my oldest daughter communicating with my mother last night. I don’t say this to be mean, but the last time I had contact with her, I had similar nightmares.)


Death,Boxes, Tiger!

I was visiting a family that I use to be very close with. In my dream we were all very close. 
The living room was in a perfect square on the left hand side when you first walked into the house. 

The house was set up like my old house back home, but yet it was not my house, it was this families house. 
There was a very old looking mauve colored velour sectional sofa in the corner against the wall. A, was laying on it with his legs hanging over the sides. He was dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt, and had work boots on. 

There was gold vintage shag carpet on the floor. 

Across the living room was a dining room table that had lots of nic-backs and books on it. 

C  and M were siting at the table talking, but then they both began to cry.

I was standing in the middle of the room looking at them. 

A man that I didn’t recognize walked in, in front of me. It appeared that he was in a kitchen. He was sad and asked me if I was there to help.

I told him yes.

He told me that the moving men will be here soon to take it all way and it was not a good time for her to die. 

I asked who died. He pointed to the girls at the table and said in a low quiet voice, “their mother”
Before I could respond, several movers walked through the front door. One man looked at me and said he would be taking the sofa set, but the man had to move.

I walked over to where A was sleeping and tried to wake him but he wouldn’t budge. 

Then the man who I didn’t recognize yelled for A to get off the sofa and help! Then told him that he was disrespected his mothers things.

A, woke up and walked over and sat down next to his two sisters.
I watched him as if he was trying to comfort them because they were still crying. But they couldn’t be comforted. It seemed.
I helped the movers by instructing them with the sofa furniture. 

They took all but one corner piece. 

I asked them why they weren’t taking the whole thing, because it’s a three piece set that goes together. But one of the men told me that they couldn’t take that one piece, and that it was meant to stay in the house.

Confused by his words I just stared at him.

He then handed me a check and thanked me.
I took the check and when the man from the kitchen walked back into the living room I handed it to him.

Now he was in tears though.

I told him that he was going to be okay.

Then there was a knock on the front door and a voice saying, “let us in!”
It sounded like a man and a women’s voice, but no faces.

M must have recognized the voices because she told me to keep the door locked and don’t let them in. 
I then found myself in a dark room, (a basement type of room with cement walls and floor)

There were lots of old things and boxes all scattered about. I wanted to clean and tidy it up.

It looked as if everything was once packed up, yet, someone was looking for something and messed them all up. Everything looked as if it was dug though.

It was not a refinished room. I felt cold.

I looked up on the ceiling for a light to turn on but couldn’t find one. 

There was a small window with a crack of light shining though to one particular box.

I walked over to that particular box, then heard a mans voice tell me to stop! And to not look in it.

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw A and the man that I didn’t recognize.

They asked me to come back and help the girls. 
Still feeling confused to why I was there, I said okay.

From that scene, I found myself sitting at the table (it was a round wooden dining room table)
And I was praying over the girls.

I was praying that the Lord would put a hedge of protection over each of them and that anything not of Christ would be burned in the lake of fire before ever reaching them. And that the Lord would breathe new life into them, while filling them with a fresh dose of the Holy Spirit and giving them the gift of discernment.
During me praying there was a scratching sound coming from the kitchen area. 

I got up from the table and peeked into the area in which is was coming from and saw some sliding glass doors and a full grow tiger with its paw stuck between a small opening of the door.

I became fearful and ran to the door and slammed it shut on the Tigers paw. Then I heard a unfamiliar women’s voice tell me to keep the tiger away. It was in a persistent begging voice.

Then I woke up.