It’s been a while since I’ve woken from demonic nightmares. However last night was the exception.😔

Last night I was in the passengers side of our SUV, when a demon came from the backseat under my seat and was trying to get on me. Right up on me. I kept pushing it off me so it would not atttach itself on to me. 

I started screaming and praying it away…(in my dream)

 It finally disssolved into a shadow and disappeared. (Like usually)
Then I woke up and started praying scripture until I was able to clam myself down and fall back to sleep. 

Time: 3am
(My guess is that it stemmed from my oldest daughter communicating with my mother last night. I don’t say this to be mean, but the last time I had contact with her, I had similar nightmares.)


Poisoning Dogs

I was laying in a king size bed with white sheets, comforter, and overstuffed white pillows.It was a very nice quality King size bed. Better then the one we presently my own. 

I was locked in a scary basement. Cobwebs everywhere. Broken furniture. Old.

Some leaks in the rotted wood ceiling started dripping in the bed with me.

I rolled off the bed and onto the floor. Then I realized the dirty cement floor was covered with brown furry wolf spiders and quickly got back onto the bed

Then different types of spiders started dropping from the ceiling onto the bed and in my hair. I screamed for help!

Inthen found myself in our SUV. 

I was on the passengers side; dh was driving. We were driving through a larhe open plot of land that had many run down single wide trailers scattered about. Not in rows. Just scattered about.

I commented to dh that I was glad we don’t live out there. And that it looks very run down.

It started to get dark as we were slowly driving through. There were no signs of any roads in site. Dh said we were lost. Then our  SUV broke down and started smoking from the hood. 

We broke down in front of one of the trailers. 

A couple around our age came outside and asked if our names were (insert our real names here)

Surprised, I said YES! 
The man was slightly bald and was wearing a white tank top. The woman had her blond hair loosely in a pony tail. She had glasses on. She resembled L to me….

Skinny and short. Sort of plain looking.

She told her husband to help my husband push our broken down SUV to the side of their trailer, under their carport. I stayed in the vehicle for this push. I felt scared and uncertain.
Then the scene changed and dh and I were in the vehicle with the windows down and the couple were sitting on some cement porch steps feeding their two dogs chocolate kisses and purple grapes from A Walmart bag.

I told them that those two things are poisonous to  dogs, and they are going to kill the dogs if they continue.

The wife laughed at my comment, as she continued opening up chocolate hershey kisses from The Walmart bag for her Golden Retriever and tan Chicuwawa dogs.
All of the sudden I noticed OUR dog (A Pekingese) standing along side of their two dogs eating the chocolate and grapes. Feeling Confused.

 Then I woke up.