I was selling two Adidas tees on eBay for $14.99 and had a guy message me to ask if they were authentic, like the ones that run for $395 at the mall.
I told him that they were authentic, but only retail for $30 each at the mall.

He began to argue with me about cost…
Then I woke up.

I have not listed the tees yet, but will today. I guess they were on my mind before bed? šŸ¤”


Angry Ebayer

I had a dream where I sold three lingerie liquid matte lipsticks on eBay, to a lady in California. She received them and wasn’t happy with the colors. I told her that I can not give a refund to over something like that, and that the names of the colors and pictures were in the listing.
She then insisted on face timing O. I was on the side looking on. 

She was a tan, bleach blonde, body builder type of women. She was in her personal gym working out with a brunette who looked exactly like her, but a brunette. 
She was opening and closing the lipsticks angrily, and swatching them to show me the color pay-off. She was so angry!
Then I woke up.