I was selling two Adidas tees on eBay for $14.99 and had a guy message me to ask if they were authentic, like the ones that run for $395 at the mall.
I told him that they were authentic, but only retail for $30 each at the mall.

He began to argue with me about cost…
Then I woke up.

I have not listed the tees yet, but will today. I guess they were on my mind before bed? 🤔


Author: missi

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One thought on “Adidas ”

  1. my favorite brand! The other day i found two pairs of shoes the same brand here but buy one get one half off. One pair quality soles (helps my joints and ligaments less pain) the other pair more like deck shoes not enough support (but they look cooler). I guess i just enjoy a good pair of shoes cause i enjoy walking now that my hip fits better. Back to Sleepytime itsa night terror when you walk forever and find out walking in circles may last forever but I’ve always loved riding buses, trains, and subways….. peacefull journiez here on earth come to those who forgive themselves and view those visions of yesteryear as reminders that we all stumble!
    P.S. (Personal Views Within Should Be Gratitude Instead of Self Torture)
    P.S.also (Random Acts of Kindness Towards Oneself Are Rare So Help Yourself Many Random Times Daily (Everyone Deserves Feeling Blessed Randomly))

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